This Week’s Big Deal:
$1 per minute Telephone Psychic Readings
(regularly $4.99 – $15.00 per minute.)


We tested several of the psychics on Don’t miss our PsychicDeal Editor’s Review below to find out how they did!

Here’s The Deal: has been providing telephone psychic consultations for nearly twenty years. The service was founded by Master Psychic Lori, who still owns and operates the tight-knit group of hand-picked psychics, mediums, astrologers and intuitive counselors.

Each psychic is chosen for their unique set of skills and their ability to provide compassionate, engaging and life altering readings. Callers choose which reader they want to connect with. There are three levels… Trusted Psychics are $4.99 per minute, Master Psychics are $8.99 per minute, and Elite Psychics are $13 per minute.

With this week’s BIG DEAL, you can get your very first telephone reading with any advisor on TalkPsychic for only $1.00 per minute.

The Deal

Your first telephone reading with any advisor on just $1 per minute. Normally $4.99 – $13.00 per minute.

Get This Deal

To get this deal you must call the TalkPsychic toll-free customer service number: 1-888-813-2277. Ask for the: First Timer $1 Deal.

More Information

You can get more information and see the psychics available on their website:

The Details

This offer is only valid for your first call to TalkPsychic. $1 per minute can be used with any advisor. First call can be upto 30-minutes at this special rate. Call for all the details. Editor’s Review:

We tested out the psychics on the website by making calls to over 2-dozen of their experts over a period of four weeks. We were impressed with the overall experience and value of this company, and the simple, no-frills approach to providing telephone readings.

Each of us set up 1st-time customer accounts, allowing us to purchase up to 30 minutes of talk-time for just $1 per minute. Considering their best readers normally cost $13 per minute, it was a great deal. First of all, the customer service people are pretty friendly. We concluded they must be employees of the company and not farmed out because we always spoke to one of just 2 people whenever we called!

The connection to the readers was fast.

They have a wide variety of experts, each one brings their own, personal approach to the reading. The top readers are amazing, but if you’re paying full price you may need to limit your time. However, even their new readers are excellent and cost much less. Our suggestion: spend your new customer deal on the high-end Elite readers, and then try out some of the newer ones at the lower rates.

No matter who you connect with, you’re likely to have an amazing experience. Each reader is hand-picked by Master Psychic Lori, who founded the company and still runs it today. Supposedly she even gives readings, although we never found her online. We’ll keep looking though, as this is now the go-to psychic service for many of us in the PsychicDeal office!

Our Overall Review of TalkPsychic

Overall, we rate as a Best Deal for experience, value, and quality. Try out some of our favorite readers like Daniel (16035), Rena (17842), Juniper (16853), or Sarah (17202), or check out the website and find someone who offers a reading that fits your needs!

Big Deal