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Ask Your Question. 3 Psychics Give You Answers. And it’s all FREE for You!

3 Unique Answers

Each Psychic personally reads and responds to your question. You get 3 unique mini-readings, all for free!

3 Points of View

Your question is important. With 3 Free Psychics, you’ll get three different points of view from professional, experienced psychics.

3 Opportunities

By asking 1 question, you get 3 opportunities to find a psychic you can really connect to, and who is best able to help you!

Top psychics from… well, everywhere!

When you ask your question, we’ll send it to 3 Psychic Advisors who have volunteered to provide an answer. The psychics we work with come from all over the world. Many of them have private practices, where they work with clients one on one. Some psychics work with services, where they provide readings over the phone or through web chat. Some of the absolute best, highest rated psychic advisors from a variety of professional services answer questions submitted through our website!

A great start to your next psychic reading experience

Choosing the right psychic advisor can be difficult. With this special PsychicDeal offer, you’re able to try three psychics, completely free. When each psychic answers your question, you’ll also be given information on how you can contact them for a full reading, if you choose. Make sure to ask your question about something that is most important on your mind, and when you find a psychic that really seems to connect with you, we’ll show you how to get a great deal on a full reading.

How 3 Free Psychics Works

It’s really pretty simple. Ask a question. 3 Psychics will send you answers. It’s free. But if you want to know a bit more about how 3 Free Psychics operates, keep on reading.

Step one: Ask Your Question

It all starts with your question. Think about what is most on your mind right now, or what problems are you having? Do you need help with your love life? Are you having money problems? Do you wonder if you’re compatible with your partner? Are you looking for success in career? Ask your most important question and get ready for some serious psychic advice!

Step two: Your Question Sent to 3 Psychics

When we get your question, we’ll send it to 3 different psychics in our database. These are psychic advisors who have signed up to answer questions submitted through our website. Most of them work for various telephone or video psychic services, or they have their own website where they provide readings. By answering your question, they are able to practice their skills and hopefully reach a new client who will come to them for future readings.

Step three: Psychics Answer Your Question

As each psychic does a mini-reading and then answers your question, you’ll receive an email with your answer. Your answers will arrive as each psychic completes the reading, and may be spread out over a few hours or a couple days. Each psychic works independent and manages their own clientele, so please be patient for all your answers to arrive. We promise it will be worth it!

Step four: Want More?

This service is a win-win for both you and the psychics. While you get your first question answered for free, they get an opportunity to connect with you as a new potential client. After you get your answer from a psychic, we’ll also let you know how you can get a full, in-depth reading with the same expert who wrote your answer. And since we are who we are, we’re always going to find you the best deal we can on your psychic reading!

What our customers are saying

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I am calling one of my psychics now.</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Jason</p></div></div></div></div></li><li data-thumb=””><img class=”testimonial-image wp-post-image” src=”” alt=”” width=”296″ height=”286″ /><br /><div class=”testimonial-container”><div class=”quotation-mark”> </div><div class=”testimonial-outer”><div class=”testimonial”><div class=”testimonial-body”><p>One of my psychics was so spot on right I’m amazed. Thanks, now I know what to do!</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Cynthia</p></div></div></div></div></li><li data-thumb=””><img class=”testimonial-image wp-post-image” src=”” sizes=”(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px” srcset=” 200w,×150.jpg 150w” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”200″ /><br /><div class=”testimonial-container”><div class=”quotation-mark”> </div><div class=”testimonial-outer”><div class=”testimonial”><div class=”testimonial-body”><p>I got a great reading. Thanks so much!</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Jemma</p></div></div></div></div></li></ul></div></div><p><script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var handleResize = function() { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘block’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘max-width’, ‘150px’); var docWidth = $(document).width(); if (docWidth <= 900) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); } if (docWidth <= 600) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); } if (docWidth <= 400) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘block’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘max-width’, ‘120px’); } }; $(window).on(‘resize’, handleResize); $(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).flexslider({ animation: ‘fade’, animationSpeed: 500, slideshowSpeed: 4000, slideshow: true, controlNav: true, directionNav: true, pauseOnHover: true, /*smoothHeight: true,*/ start: function(slider) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘background-color’, ‘rgba(255,255,255,0)’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘font-size’, ’34px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘text-align’, ‘center’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-top’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs’).css(‘bottom’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-left-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-right-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-bottom-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-left-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-right-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-bottom-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 ul.slides’).css(‘margin-top’, ‘0’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .quotation-mark’).css(‘width’, ’38px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .quotation-mark’).css(‘height’, ’50px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘color’, ‘#222222’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-family’, ‘Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-weight’, ‘400’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-style’, ‘italic’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘text-transform’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name’).css(‘font-size’, ’20px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘color’, ‘#222222’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-family’, ‘Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-weight’, ‘400’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-style’, ‘italic’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘text-transform’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#cccccc’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘height’, ‘2px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘float’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘float’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-width’, ‘5px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘box-shadow’, ‘0 0 5px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5)’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-radius’, ‘0’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial’).css(‘padding’, ‘0 50px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-outer’).css(‘padding’, ‘0 5px’); handleResize(); $(slider).find(‘.flex-direction-nav’).appendTo(slider.find(‘.slides-container’)); $(slider).css(‘visibility’, ‘visible’); } }).on(‘mouseover’, ‘.flex-control-thumbs img’, function() { var target = $(this); setTimeout(function() { if (‘:hover’)); }, 500); }); }); </script></p>


Love? Money? Job? What question will you ask of your 3 free psychics?


Question: Does it cost anything to get my 3 answers?
Nothing. There is no cost to you for the 3 free answers to your question.

Question: Do I have to enter a credit card?
Absolutely not. We don’t arrange any payment for readings so we don’t take any credit card information. If you decide to pay for a full reading after you get your free answers, you’ll arrange that with the psychic or the website through which they provide services.

Question: How long will my readings be?
Each psychic will write as much as is necessary to convey their answer to your question. This is not intended to give you a full, in-depth reading, but a quick answer to one important question. So usually each psychic will write one or two short paragraphs, more or less.

Question: If I want to get a full reading, what will it cost?
Each psychic is independent, working for other companies or providing readings through their own website. That means that the method and cost of any future readings will vary from psychic to psychic. We’ll make sure you know the details for each psychic so you can easily get a full reading if you choose. Plus, since we are who we are ( we’re always on the lookout for the best deals on psychic readings, so we’ll make sure to help you find the best price on your full reading.

Question: What information will you need?
We need a valid email address so we can send your answers. You’ll, of course, need to provide your question you want the psychics to answer. We’ll also ask for a few other things to help your psychics focus on you, like your name and zodiac sign. While we understand the desire to protect privacy, it is important to be as truthful as possible in order to enable your psychics to make a successful connection.

Question: Can I rate my psychics?
Yes! We love sharing reviews on our website. After you get your free question answers, we’ll send you an invitation to leave a testimony that we can share with other customers.

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