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Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of experts available from a variety of websites, services, and networks. They represent the best in their fields, and with the widest selection of experts anywhere, you’re sure to find the perfect reader for your next reading. With the Directory of Experts, you can find a GREAT DEAL on the perfect psychic reader for you, wherever they work!

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Featured Deal: Your first call just $1 per minute.

Here’s the deal: Your first reading is just $1 per minute. Plus, you get an additional 3-free minutes.

Featured Deal: Get a FREE Psychic Reading

Here’s the deal: 100% free reading for 1st time customers. 6-minute session by phone or video.

Featured Deal: 15 Minute Reading only $10

Here’s the deal: Call a top rated psychic for just $10 for a full length 15-minute reading by phone or online chat.

Featured Deal: Get a Free Numerology Report

Here’s the deal: You get a Free online account that allows you unlimited free-chat all psychics PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits!

Featured Deal: Free Video Chat PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits

Here’s the deal: You get a Free online account that allows you unlimited free-chat all psychics PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits!

Featured Deal: 3 Minutes Free PLUS 10-minutes for just $1.99 for a Psychic Reading

Here’s the deal: Your first 10-minute phone reading is just $1.99. Plus the first 3 minutes are free!

Featured Deal: $10 gets you 13 minutes over the telephone with these exclusive, top rated psychics

Here’s the deal: Get a great phone or chat reading at an amazing introductory rate of just $10 for ten minutes. Plus with the bonus deal, you get 3 more minutes free.

Psychic Reading with 3 Free Minutes plus 50% off

Your first reading is 50% off the regular price. Plus, with 3-free minutes with each psychic, you can try a couple until you find the best fit for your reading.

Featured Deal: Phone Readings for just 19-cents per minute!

Here’s the deal: Psychics available by phone for just $0.19 per minute, or by online chat with the first 4 minutes free.

$1 per minute Telephone Psychic Readings

Here’s the deal: Call TalkPsychic experts for just $1/min (regularly $4.99 – $15.00 per minute.) Read our review of!