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Kali Love | Tarot. Reiki Master Healer. Chakra.

Deal: (LIMITED TIME) $10 Readings! Free email reading report included in your first reading.

(980) 210-6841

Instagram: @love_kali811

About Me

I am a 38 year old mother, business owner & certified professional Life Coach, Reflexologist, Spiritual Adviser, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, & a Usui Reiki Master Teacher with over 5 years experience giving accurate and insightful tarot readings. I specialize in love, career, family, financial, & chakra healing matters. I have always possessed the intuitive gift to detect the energy of others. I have furthered perfected my gift by studying the power of the tarot & receiving my certifications. My intuitive gift has allowed me to heal and offer advice to people all over the world and help them to overcome life’s changing situations. My intent is to build a personal emotional connection with you, and to offer accurate insightful advice. I have the power to remove the emotional



? anger


and the ?emotional addictions of all kinds.

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The Deal:

LIMITED TIME: $10 Readings! Free email reading report included in your first reading.


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What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

I am able to accurately pin point and remove any and all blockages keeping you from moving to your higher ascension and purpose.

More About Me


5+ Years






Master Tarot
Reiki Master Instructor/Healer
Life Coach
Spiritual Advisor

All Specialties & Abilities:

Angel Cards
Astrology Charts
Card Reader
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Energy Sender
Life Coach
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Spiritual Guide

When did you discover your abilities?:

I have always had the gift of being able to intuitively read others energies. As a young child I always knew I was different. I got more connected the older I got, and I perfected my gift by receiving my certifications on the tarot.

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

It was a calling….I’ve always loved helping others- but everything aligned with my life’s past situations to my current life’s situations.

Here is why you should get a reading with me:

My readings are never negative, they are blue prints to your life’s situations. My readings are all rated 5 stars they are very insightful with a 97% accuracy rate. Lower your wall and allow me to give you clarity and insight.