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Natasha Mudita | Shaman. Spiritual Guide. Card Reader.

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About Me

I am skilled in many art forms of divination and healing. Life’s experience taught me from pre-conception. My mother guided me as a toddler in interpreting dreams and passed on simple Yoga teachings with chakra and astrological applications. The last 15 years I have studied the Tarot extensively and am writing a book and making my own tarot deck currently. To this day, I continue my studies in Shamanism and Yoga, I am a teacher in many healing modalities and I have gained many gifts journeying on the Red Road. Crystal and herbal healing, Yoga, Sapo Medicine, Shamanic Reiki, sound healing with the journey drum, flutes, and my voice are some of the tools I use currently to assist the balancing and healing of anyone who chooses to work with me. Long distances don’t matter, my angelic energy will get to you and will be a catalyst for your healing.

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The Deal:

  • Receive 22$ off a long distance Runic Palm Reading. (For first-time clients who have never worked with me before.)
  • Pay for an Oracle Reading and receive 6$ off the session along with a 22$ discount on any of the yoga classes listed on my website except the Chakra Sadhana.
  • Pay for an hour-long Akashic Record Reading and receive 50$ off a Shamanic Sound Activation. (You must get the Shamanic Sound Activation within a week’s time of your Akashic Record Reading to get the most out of this special offering.)
  • Complete a Chakra Sadhana with me and receive 111$ off a Shamanic Sound Activation.

Get A Deal on a Reading:

What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

Whether you are traversing the choppy waters we call life, or you need clarity and direction to where you are at on your Soul’s Journey; I will bring a positive light to any situation. If the outcome I see is what you fear, I can help you realign yourself to your highest divine power and support you in regaining your confidence. I will assist you in anything you need support with spiritually. You will be able to take control of your destiny. Let me guide you in moving forward so you can find and establish long-lasting inner peace.

More About Me


15+ Years






  • Certified Psychic: The Center of the New Age in Sedona, AZ
  • Teacher for Institute for Shamanic Arts in Tucson, AZ 2011-2012
  • 3.5 years Graphic Design & Expeditionary Studies at PSU
  • Jnana and Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Tarot Instructor
  • Art studies +10 years
  • Shamanic Training with Lakota, Inca, Peruvian and Australian Traditions

All Specialties & Abilities:


Angel Cards
Angel Messages
Angel Therapy
Astral Energy
Astrology Charts
Card Reader
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Dream Analyst
Energy Sender
Life Path
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Past Lives
Spiritual Guide

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

At the age of 5, I had this dream where I got to go to the fair. (I had no idea what a county fair was) I dreamt there was a gorilla ride I got to go on with my teacher and her daughter and the ride was scary. When I went downstairs in real life upon waking from this extremely lucid dream, I was gifted the surprise that I was going to be going to the fair with my kindergarten teacher and her daughter who was a year younger than me. When we got to the fair, there was the gorilla ride and I was still scared like I had been in the dream at the part where the Gorilla was. To have the reality be exactly the same thing as the dream I had that morning was wild, that is when I knew I had a gift.

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I don’t think there is any reason behind why I became an intuitive advisor specifically. I believe this is a soul purpose of mine to be a tour guide into all time-space dimensional realities. I want to help those that need assistance. If I can help someone, I do. I don’t wait for someone else to take charge of a situation when I know I can be of support. I started practicing on my friends when I was a teenager. When I became a professional sea kayak guide and coach, I would do readings for our work parties (just for fun I thought) and then people would invite me to read at their events. A couple years later, I moved to Sedona and became a professional reader because that is what Great Spirit wanted of me.

Here’s how I’ll perform your reading when we connect:

This is how my Tarot Readings go: Before the reading begins, I will ask you to set your intentions and do some deep breathing while I call on protection with my angels and start shuffling the cards. I have a specific prayer I wrote for doing tarot readings. Once I have said the prayer, and complete the shuffling process, I will lay out 9 cards. I ask that you do not interrupt me during this process so you do not lose any channeled messages that want to come through from your angles and highest divine spirit guides. I will tell you absolutely everything I see. I will then ask if you have any unanswered questions and this is where an open question/answer channel time happens, I may pull more cards during this part. I will answer all questions you have and I will give you the truth.

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?

People can’t lie to me, they can try, but I know when they are lying. I hate it when it comes to personal interrelations… pretty much I will not tolerate my friends lying to me and it is a hard lesson for them and me. As every time someone lies to me and I see it, I wonder where am I not being truthful with myself and others. Not to mention trust is completely broken and well we all know you can’t have a solid ship without a trusty sail.

I see a homeless man who really needs money and I don’t have enough for what he needs and I know it’s not for drugs or booze, I cry hard because I am so empathic.

I dream of conversations and events that will occur in the future with my friends, family, and people I have yet to meet.

This is what I’ve done to develop my abilities:

I am always learning new skills. I’ve taken numerous classes with fellow shamans, seers, and visionaries. I also make sure I get my psychic and Shamanic healing taken care of for myself. I am constantly studying some aspect of the metaphysical world so I can fully understand our reality more. The more I grasp and understand the universal laws, the more I can help others come into their own power and happiness. Because I am an empath, I won’t truly be happy unless everyone is happy. I have been studying all 8 limbs of yoga since I was a toddler and I am currently preparing for a 300 hour Taoist Yin Yoga Teacher training for women. I have been preparing for it for over two and a half years and am excited, Yoga helps me clean all my channels so I can be a better healer for the world.

What Medicine means to me:

We can find medicine everywhere, medicine for any ailment is always within a hand’s reach. All you have to do is ask, wait and listen, you then will receive. Medicine comes to us in many forms, the trees, plants, minerals, animals, the sun, the elements, the forests, the stars… you name it, we are blessed to have these gifts that further our healing. Medicine is found anywhere you look. I am a firm believer in the path of the red road, to me, it is a journey of evolution, it brings the healing of karma with ourselves, our ancestors, our earth and in turn, the activation of our DNA occurs. There is no wrong or right way to ride this spiral we call life and all we have to do is be open to receiving Great Spirit’s blessings and that is true medicine.