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About Me

Hi, my name is Chassidy, I am known as The Urban Tarot Queen. I have been reading the Tarot in the state of Virginia since the age of 14 which happens to be over two decades ago. So, I’m good at what I do. However, I’m not your average Tarot reader. I love rap music and all things urban, you won’t find me dressed in mystic clothing unless it’s on Halloween, and I don’t sugar coat what I see in the cards. I give it to you straight with no chaser. I like to think of myself as a domestic queen and I am constantly cheering for the underdog. Having a reading with me is like talking to a friend.

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What can we accomplish in your first reading?

Having a reading with me is like talking to a friend. I will give you the insight you need to help you on this journey we call life. If you have questions about the direction your love life is going in I can give you the insight you need to take the next step that needs to be taken in your relationship. If you need advice about your career I can give you the insight you need to empower you and get you off to a good start.

More About Me

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  • Tarot Expert
  • Card Reader
  • Dream Analyst
  • Love Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Pendulum
  • Relationships
  • Reiki


20 Years






I have been reading the Tarot in the Virginia area for over 20 years. I have hundreds of satisfied clients who seek my services often. I am also a certified Tarot Consultant.

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

When I was first introduced to the Tarot I was eight years old. I watched my mother do readings for people and I was immediately drawn to the cards. I wanted to know more about them in the secrets they revealed. My mother taught me a lot about the Tarot. When I was 14 I started doing readings and I haven’t stopped to look back. Although I’ve been reading for 20 years I learn something new about the Tarot each day. It is a pleasure reading the Tarot. It is a way of life.

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I decided to become an intuitive advisor to help give insight to those who need it and fulfill my spiritual calling. I knew from an early age the Tarot would play a major part in my life. I love helping others and I do that through the Tarot. It is a very satisfying career. I love meeting the many different people I come in contact with and I love being able to give them the insight and guidance they need. Every time I read for a new person I feel like I have made a new friend.

Here is why you should get a reading with me:

You should get a reading with me because I have a sincere desire to help you and you will be treated with respect and kindness. I will not judge you or make you feel bad about what is going on in your life and you can rest assured that your reading is confidential. If something negative comes up in your reading we will talk about how you can avoid it. With that being said, I would like to make you aware that no reading is a 100% accurate. I will see what is coming down the road for you based on your current circumstances but you always have the free will to change it. Remember we control our own lives. Life doesn’t just happen to us.

I have a sincere desire to help you and you will be treated with respect and kindness.

Be Prepared! Here’s what you should do before our reading:

I ask that when you get a reading you let go of any stereotypes you have and be ready to absorb the information that will be given to you. You will be surprised to learn how helpful Tarot readings can be and that The Urban Tarot Queen is a regular person just like you.

This is what makes getting a reading with me a unique experience:

Having a reading with me is just like talking to a friend. You can tell me anything and I will not judge you. We will look at what the cards have to say about your situation and I will convey that information to you. My readings are tailored to your specific needs. After you finish your reading with me you will feel empowered by the information you receive and be ready to take the next step you need to obtain your goals.

Having a reading with me is just like talking to a friend.

This is what I’ve done to develop my abilities:

I meditate and study the Tarot daily to develop my intuition and ability to read the cards accurately. I have also taken classes to learn more about the Tarot. I am always educating myself and developing my intuition to help me become a better Tarot reader.