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Create a Successful Listing. Your listing in the Directory of Experts has the potential to bring new customers directly to you. This free advertising can help set you apart from other readers, and gives you a big advantage in the competition for paying customers in the global arena.

Take time to write a quality listing that really catches people’s attention. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Our visitors are interested in getting great deals on great readings. We’ll help by promoting the deals offered by your network, but you might also want to focus on the overall value of a reading with you, specifically.
  • Take time. You might want to write your answers in a word-processor so you can spell check.
  • Consider installing the free Grammarly extension to your browser, as it will check spelling and basic grammar for you!


Make it Original. Make sure to write something original for your PsychicDeal listing. Don’t just cut and paste from your other profile. Writing something original here provides better content for our readers, drawing more eyes to you. Plus, search engines like Google want original content. You’re much more likely to be ranked higher in searches by writing engaging, quality and original content here!



Choose Specialties that truly represent you as a reader. Don’t just check off every box under specialties because you have a little knowledge. Choose just the specialties that really represent you as a reader. What makes you unique is your special combination of skills and abilities, training and experience. Clients who contact you through your PsychicDeal listing may want you to perform one of the specific specialties… make sure you are a true expert!





Write a SUPER About Me Section. This should be written as if you are talking directly to a potential new customer. What do you most want them to know about you before they make a decision on which reader to contact? Don’t just make this a boring list of your skills… make it something that will really stand out and be interesting to our visitors.



Write a FANTASTIC First Reading Section. Our visitors want a deal, so we’ll promote the special first-time customer offers your network provides. In this section, you have an opportunity to tell potential customers what you can accomplish in that initial reading. While the goal is always to bring customers in with these promotions and then turn them into full-readings, the customers want to know that you aren’t going to waste their time. Consider briefly explaining the types of things you can do in that initial reading and suggestions you have for things they can do before the reading to be prepared.


Choose upto 3 topics for your More About Me section. Here you can choose from a few different questions to answer, providing our website visitors with a little more information about you. These questions are optional, but a great option to add more value and originality to your PsychicDeal Directory of Experts listing.