Free Video Chat with any psychic. PLUS you get a bonus deal: FREE 9.99 credits for a private reading.

With the special featured PsychicDeal bonus of 9.99 FREE CREDITS, this has quickly become one of our most popular deals on the website. This offer was first made available to our free Newsletter Subscribers.

Here’s The Deal: Having turned the psychic industry upside-down when they entered the scene, Oranum has re-defined the term “value” when it comes to psychic services. Having pioneered the video psychic platform, this company has never been content to just keep things as they are. Oranum is constantly re-inventing their service, offering better and better readings with cutting-edge technology.

We love Oranum. There are so many readers, and what’s great is you get to know the psychic before you ever get a reading. With your free account, you get to spend unlimited time in each psychic’s free-chat room. You can find out what type of readings they provide, tell them your questions, and decide which psychic is able to connect with you.

With this Featured + Bonus Deal, you are able to setup a free account and have unlimited time in each psychic’s free-chat room. Plus you get the best prices on all services.

BonusDeal: With this special deal, you get 9.99 credits for FREE!

The Deal

As a new customer, you can set up a free account which provides you unlimited access to free-chat with the psychics. Plus as a bonus, you get 9.99 credits FREE to spend on a full reading with one of the psychics.

Get This Deal

To get this deal visit Oranum. Setup your free account to receive your unlimited free-chat time and free 9.99 credits.

More Information

The Psychics have a webcam or camcorder set up in their room or studio which broadcasts a live video feed through the Internet. You’ll need to have the adobe flash enabled to view their live stream. You can contact their technical support if you have any problems or need help.


The Details

This is a limited-time offer available to first-time customers of the Oranum service. Full details about this offer can be found on their website.

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