Here are 3 of the absolute best deals you can get on calling psychics for under 10-bucks each.

What do we love more than getting a really great psychic reading? Getting a really great deal on a really great psychic reading! We have three of our favorite psychic services where you can call a top rated, high quality psychic for next to nothing. With these deals, you can speak to readers who are not just good, but great. Normal rates for their readings run over $100 for a 10-minute session. But with these deals, you can call for $10 or less.

ONE: TalkPsychic Elite and Master Psychics for $1 per minute.

The great readers on are some of the absolute best psychics available anywhere! Their readers are available 24/7 and all the readings come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is a very small, specialty site that is still owned and operated by Master Psychic Lori, who founded the network over 20 years ago. Many of these psychics have been working on this service for years, even decades. With such stability, you can be comforted knowing that the psychic you were able to make a connection with will be there for you down the road.

Check out our special Psychic Deal: Your first call is just $1 per minute. You can get a great, 10-minute reading with a top-rated psychic for just $10.

TWO: Amazing Psychics. 13-minute phone session for just $10.

Psychic Source might have the largest collection of genuine psychic advisors anywhere. Another long-time service (in business for over 25 years now), this is a website many have come to rely on for their psychic readings. You can choose between connecting to your psychic by phone or online chat, and there are dozens of readers to choose from around the clock. We love getting readings from such a wide variety of readers, and we all have our favorites.

There is a great Psychic Deal for first-time callers. Get a 13-minute reading for only $10. A terrific special offer.

THREE: One time deal on a phone reading for just $1.90 with top psychics.

Our final deal for this article is one of the all-time best offers. LifeReader has been around for about 8 years, steadily building an impressive team of psychics, astrologers, and mediums. They recently launched their new caller special: your first 10-minute phone reading for just 19-cents per minute. They also have another way to connect with their psychics using online chat. In fact, you get the first 4 minutes of online chat with each psychic free, a great way to try out a bunch of different psychics!

Pretty close to free, this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. Your first phone call for $1.90 and 4 free minutes of online chat with every psychic. Don’t miss this one!

Psychics don’t have to be expensive.

When you need to speak with a psychic, it doesn’t have to cost you everything you have. Yes, the really¬†good psychic advice is expensive. But when you know where to look, you can get some amazing deals on high-end psychic services. Make sure to check out each of the three offers we’ve mentioned in this article. Combined, they equal up to $325 in psychic readings for under $22. It pays to be a thrifty shopper!


Alice had her first reading when she was 12 years old from a tarot reader at the school carnival. That first reading led to a lifelong obsession with the occult. Over the years, Alice has received thousands of readings from psychics of all types and from all corners of the world. Today Alice keeps busy operating her own bakery full-time, caring for her two basset hounds, and going on epic trips around the world. Whenever she has time, Alice tries new psychics and shares her experiences with us on