Finally, an easy and affordable way for Independent Intuitives to advertise their services.

This affordable directory enables you to reach new customers and increase your personal client base. Plus, you can get listed to promote your services anywhere you work. This includes big psychic networks, your own website or private phone service, or even in-person. No matter where you provide readings, a listing in the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts will help you reach even more clients.

* Pricing is for a limited time only. By registering today, you will lock-in the special low pricing, and your rates will never increase.

Lock Into even MORE savings: 3-month plans save an additional 10%, 6-month plans include one month free, and 12-month plans include 4 months free! Options available when you complete your registration.

Features & Benefits of a PsychicDeal Directory of Experts Listing

Free Sponsored Listing

You qualify for a 100% free sponsored listing if you are promoting your services on one of the sponsored websites. Click the Get Started button above to learn more. Click Here to see an example.

Enhanced Listing

For just a few dollars per month, you can benefit from an enhanced listing. With greater visibility, you’ll have a better opportunity of gaining more new clients. Click Here for an example.

Featured Listing

With lots of customization options and the ability to include more information about your professional services, this is the top option for the true Intuipreneur. Click here to view an example.

Choose Categories

We list experts in one of 5 major categories (Psychic, Tarot, Astrology, Medium and Life Coach). Enhanced and Featured listings are included in more than one category.


Listings are featured in rotation on our main-deals page, where customers are specifically searching for deals on their next psychic reading. Enhanced or Featured Listing only.

Include an Image

High-quality images can improve the chances of website visitors clicking on your listing. Enhanced and Featured listings can upload more than one image.

About Me Section

Include a personalized brief bio about yourself and the services you provide. Make it as personal or professional as you want.

Get a Deal Section

Our visitors are interested in deals on psychic services, so we give you a perfect way to demonstrate your best offer.

Choose Specialties

You can let customers know even more details about your specific specialties. Customers can search by category or specialty.

Your Social Networks

If you use social networking like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, we can post follow-me buttons on your listing. Enhanced or Featured Listing only.

Your Contact Details

You decide what contact information is included in your listing, including phone numbers, email addresses, websites, Skype account, etc. Enhanced or Featured Listing only.

Get To Know Me Section

We have a selection of topics you can answer to provide even more in-depth information about your background, services, style and more.

Free Leads

We can send you free leads each month of customers looking for a reading. You answer their short question, and we help them get a deal on a reading. You get a new customer. Participation limited to Enhanced or Featured Listings only.

Professional Design

When you submit your listing to the directory, one of our website designers will personally create your page in the directory. A high-quality, SEO friendly and professionally designed web page!

Updates Keep it Fresh

You can request updates to your directory listing each month to ensure that your information is kept current. New website? New services? Photo update? We’ve got you covered. Enhanced or Featured Listing only.

What other psychics are saying

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<div id=”testify-testimonials-1″ class=”testify-testimonials thumb_per_row_10 thumb_per_row_900_5 thumb_per_row_600_5 thumb_per_row_400_3 flexslider” style=”visibility: hidden;”><div class=”controls”> </div><div class=”slides-container”><ul class=”slides”><li data-thumb=””><img class=”testimonial-image wp-post-image” src=”” sizes=”(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px” srcset=” 960w,×300.jpg 225w,×1024.jpg 768w,×813.jpg 610w” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”1280″ /><br /><div class=”testimonial-container”><div class=”quotation-mark”> </div><div class=”testimonial-outer”><div class=”testimonial”><div class=”testimonial-body”><p>Thanks for the free readings. I finally got all three and it was amazing how much I learned. I am calling one of my psychics now.</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Jason</p></div></div></div></div></li><li data-thumb=””><img class=”testimonial-image wp-post-image” src=”” alt=”” width=”296″ height=”286″ /><br /><div class=”testimonial-container”><div class=”quotation-mark”> </div><div class=”testimonial-outer”><div class=”testimonial”><div class=”testimonial-body”><p>One of my psychics was so spot on right I’m amazed. Thanks, now I know what to do!</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Cynthia</p></div></div></div></div></li><li data-thumb=””><img class=”testimonial-image wp-post-image” src=”” sizes=”(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px” srcset=” 200w,×150.jpg 150w” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”200″ /><br /><div class=”testimonial-container”><div class=”quotation-mark”> </div><div class=”testimonial-outer”><div class=”testimonial”><div class=”testimonial-body”><p>I got a great reading. Thanks so much!</p></div><hr class=”testimonial-sep” /><div class=”person-name”><p>Jemma</p></div></div></div></div></li></ul></div></div><p><script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var handleResize = function() { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘block’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘max-width’, ‘150px’); var docWidth = $(document).width(); if (docWidth <= 900) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); } if (docWidth <= 600) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); } if (docWidth <= 400) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘display’, ‘block’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘max-width’, ‘120px’); } }; $(window).on(‘resize’, handleResize); $(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).flexslider({ animation: ‘fade’, animationSpeed: 500, slideshowSpeed: 4000, slideshow: true, controlNav: true, directionNav: true, pauseOnHover: true, /*smoothHeight: true,*/ start: function(slider) { $(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘background-color’, ‘rgba(255,255,255,0)’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘font-size’, ’34px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1’).css(‘text-align’, ‘center’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-top’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .controls’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs’).css(‘bottom’, ‘-0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-left-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-right-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-bottom-width’, ‘0px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-left-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-right-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘border-bottom-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .flex-control-thumbs li’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 ul.slides’).css(‘margin-top’, ‘0’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .quotation-mark’).css(‘width’, ’38px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .quotation-mark’).css(‘height’, ’50px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘color’, ‘#222222’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-family’, ‘Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-weight’, ‘400’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘font-style’, ‘italic’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-body p’).css(‘text-transform’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name’).css(‘font-size’, ’20px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘color’, ‘#222222’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-family’, ‘Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-weight’, ‘400’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘font-style’, ‘italic’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .person-name p’).css(‘text-transform’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘background-color’, ‘#cccccc’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘height’, ‘2px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-sep’).css(‘float’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘margin-left’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘margin-right’, ‘auto’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘float’, ‘none’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-width’, ‘5px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-color’, ‘#ffffff’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘box-shadow’, ‘0 0 5px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5)’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-image’).css(‘border-radius’, ‘0’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial’).css(‘padding’, ‘0 50px’);$(‘#testify-testimonials-1 .testimonial-outer’).css(‘padding’, ‘0 5px’); handleResize(); $(slider).find(‘.flex-direction-nav’).appendTo(slider.find(‘.slides-container’)); $(slider).css(‘visibility’, ‘visible’); } }).on(‘mouseover’, ‘.flex-control-thumbs img’, function() { var target = $(this); setTimeout(function() { if (‘:hover’)); }, 500); }); }); </script></p>



You’re in control of what is included in your listing. Be as creative, as personal, as promotional as you want to be. Your listing should represent your independent reading style, skills and abilities.


Advertising your psychic services doesn’t need to be expensive. Your listing can help you bring brand new clients on board. In fact, your listing in our directory could be all the advertising you need this year!


Your professional listing in our directory will help you identify as a true professional in your field. Customers are drawn to high-quality, engaging and dynamic web pages. That’s what we create for you.

Do you qualify for a FREE Sponsored Listing?

We offer 3 different types of listings in the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts. The basic listing is 100% free for any experts working on one of the sponsored networks.

[et_pb_modal_button button_text=”Check To See If You Qualify” button_alignment=”center” _builder_version=”3.0.106″ background_layout=”light” custom_button=”off” button_icon_placement=”right”]

You qualify for a 100% Free Sponsored Listing in our Directory of Experts if you will be promoting your services (extension/profile) on one of the following websites:

Hollywood Psychics
Psychic Access
Psychic Source

If you qualify, you can click here to continue setting up your free listing.

If you need to promote your services on any other platform or private website, select an Enhanced or Featured listing.


If you will be promoting your services on one of the sponsored network websites, you can continue with setting up your free sponsored listing.

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If you don’t qualify for a free listing or wish to take advantages of the extra benefits, you’ll want to signup for either an Enhanced listing or a Featured listing below.

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