New Psychic Deal: Your first call just $1 per minute. Plus a Bonus 3 Free Minutes.

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Your first 5, 10 or 20 minute call is just $1 per minute. Plus, you get a bonus 3 Free Minutes with this deal.

This service has lots of psychics to choose. Their online chat is pressure free and allows you to find your perfect reader. Get a great deal on your first reading, just $1 per minute.

Hollywood Psychics gives you two ways to connect with their readers: through online chat or by telephone. Their pricing structure is simple, you pay for your reading in advance, and always know how much time you have with a psychic. There are no hidden fees. Plus you get the first 3 minutes of chat free.

They have a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7. Plus, they have a pretty amazing Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring that you have a great experience, every time.

Hollywood Psychics offers lots of other special deals, so make sure to signup for their free membership. Not only will you sometimes be given special offers at the time of purchase, you’ll also receive occasional email notices of extra sales.

We’ll have a lot more about Hollywood Psychics in future articles, including the results of our upcoming testing of their service. But for now, we encourage you to take advantage of their new caller special offer.


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