New Psychic Deal: Your first telephone reading for $1.00!

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A top notch psychic service with one of the best new customer deals: 10 minutes for 1 buck! 

Psychic Center isn’t one of the most well-known psychic services, but they are one of the best. Only one of us here at has used their services so far… but she’s been a decade-long caller.

They have some readers we’ve seen on other services, but a lot of their best psychics seem to work exclusively on the Psychic Center website. They have a no sales approach to their services, which makes it pretty low-key and no pressure to call their network of psychics, astrologers, and mediums. And the first time caller special is real. You get 10 minutes with any psychic for just $1. They hope if you like the reading, you’ll call again.

The normal rates can run pretty high, but sometimes there are special offers. Plus they have a generous rebate system where each month you get a refund of a portion of what you spent the month before that you can use for new readings.

We’ll eventually be able to post some reviews and ratings of our phone calls to this service, but for now, we suggest you get the super-cheap special 1st-time deal for just $1. One of our favorites is Jack at extension 2004… you’d be surprised what a down to earth and insightful reading experience he provides!