New Psychic Deal on Telephone, Chat and Email readings.

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A psychic service with excellent deals on their telephone, chat and email readings. 

At, we’re all avid consumers of psychic services. In fact, it seems as though each of us has our own favorites. Recently a new member of our team brought our attention to the LifeReader service. We’ve just started evaluating all their deals and getting readings from their psychics, but so far the results are great.

LifeReader offers 3 different ways to communicate with their expert advisors: telephone, online chat, and email. The psychics are professional, and we’ve been getting some pretty amazing readings. So far everyone we’ve tried is excellent, but a couple of our favorites include Penny, Michele Dawson, and Farrah H.

We’ll be sharing the results of our extensive testing and publish a full review in the coming weeks, but for now, take a look at the great deals they have on readings. And don’t miss out on their free horoscopes!

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