Oranum Review: An Exciting and Economical Option for Psychic Readings

by Psychic Juice | Sept 12, 2017

Oranum is a fully interactive psychic site where one can experience a video or chat reading. I decided to give it a try.

The site itself is simple to use. The links are aligned nicely and the site has lots of clean edges so you can see everything you need all at once.

There are quite a few readers here, many of whom are bilingual, and the links on the left categorize them by specialty such as tarot, palm readers, love and relationships, etc.

Choose from hundreds of readers on Oranum.

A feature I really appreciated was all the feeds the readers had. You could click on their profile and watch a video of them, even if they were not online. You could also speak with them in their free public chat and gain a sense of who they are.

I cannot express enough how great a feature this is because it allows you to hear them, see them and experience what their words feel like to you. Many of the readers, such as Kupo, the one I initially spoke with, also had videos of classes and other interesting information. This information and all the videos are free and the choices are plenty. This is an invaluable tool for choosing a reader and allows you to be fully prepared when you contact them.

The site gives you a webcam option but you do not need it to have a reading. You can chat and/or use the webcam whilst being able to see and hear the reader and the cards and tools they may use.

There is also a support chat option which is 24/7, 365 days year and the rep I chatted with answered immediately, kindly and thoroughly. They can help you with anything you need or have questions about. There is also an easy to find phone number should you prefer assistance via phone.

Claiming My Free Reading Credits

Claiming my free reading credits was easy. I signed on as a new caller is less than a minute, chose a package and contacted my reader. I utilized the website which walked me through a very fast process to sign up. New callers receive a deal of 9.99 free credits which is equivalent to a brief free reading. If you have a pressing yes or no question, this is a great option for you!  Signing up consists of name, email and agreeing to the terms. Simple!

Registration is free and you get 9.99 in credits for a reading to try out the Oranum service.

You can choose from a number of great discounted deals and packages to purchase your credits with. Credits are the equivalent of minutes and you can purchase them and keep them in your account for as long as you need to. You also have the option of having your account recharge itself at your request to ensure you always receive the full benefits of your readings.

Oranum’s Support page offers an online chat option as well as a toll-free number.

Once you are signed on and have claimed your free credits, you can choose your super psychic deal at one of the many discounted packages and begin.

All readers have the private chat option and you click on this to engage the reading. This brings up his per minute price so nothing is hidden and you begin. At any time during the reading, you just click the end chat button to end your session.

My First Reading on Oranum

I took my time and went through a number of videos and profiles looking for someone to connect with. When I came to Kupo I immediately felt warmth and connection. There was a sense of real truth here and I had my questions ready.

I clicked on private chat.

Kupo engaged me at once and his warm voice spoke of wisdom. He asked me what I needed to know, not wasting a single second of my time. I told him my concerns and asked for an Iching reading. I asked if I could see the hexagrams. He went right into the prayer for throwing the Ching and threw the coins for me. He drew the hexagrams on a large piece of paper and held it up for me to see.

My first reading was with Kupo, who provides unique readings using Iching.

He did this very quickly and launched right into his interpretation. It was thorough and he was very knowledgeable in both the accuracy and timing. He answered my questions giving details and suggestions. He also gave me three meditations to do and links to watch them on my own.

He validated some things I have been sensing for a while and with no information from me was able to pin point where I was struggling and how to redirect my energies should I begin to stray from my goals.

His advice was practical and profound, simple and elegant and right to the point. He was able to combine the esoteric and the earth for me with the Ching as the vehicle.

Kupo has quite clearly been a guide for a long time and information flows effortlessly from him. He connected, confirmed and combined my questions into simple and clear guidance. He did so very quickly and fluidly. He needed no information from me and wasted no time.

Not only did I feel uplifted, I felt safe knowing that he was truthful.

My Second Reading on Oranum

My next reading was with Heera123. I watched her videos and chatted with her in her public chat for a few minutes before engaging in my reading. I liked her voice and personality and felt she was warm and genuine. I asked her a very simple and straight forward question about someone and she went right into her reading without asking any questions.

My reading with Heera123 felt as though she was able to see right into me as she described the person I was thinking about.

Her words were spot on accurate and I felt them come through the computer right into my soul. It was as if she was looking right into me and she not only answered me, she also told me what the person looked like.

Her description of him was nothing short of amazing – as if she had seen his photo. She also described some of his subtle mannerisms and the environment in which we were standing.

She talked the entire reading and did not falter, hesitate or dally in her answers. She was casual and confident, compassionate and clear. My question could simply have been answered yes or no but the amount of rich detail she gave was simply superb. I was not only pleasantly surprised, I found myself wanting to hear more about other issues.

Her gift felt very real and she clearly is caring and genuine. After our reading, I felt comfortable and calm.


I watched the videos Kupo suggested and reflected on both his word and Heera13’s. They resonate and feel real and I will be checking back for more clarity in the future.

Final Thoughts

Oranum is an exciting, economical and engaging venue for having a reading. It allows for a much fuller personal experience and fully connects you with your reader. The site is easy and fun to use. They have great discounts and deals and for anyone who likes to have frequent spiritual guidance and you can choose from many different readers.


Free Credits

01 Claim Your Credits

Visit the Oranum service using this link to claim your free 9.99 credits. It is free and really easy to register on the site.

02 Choose your expert

Visit with some readers in Free Chat. When you find a reader who you feel comfortable and connected with, click the Start Private Chat button to be immediately connected.

03 Come back and leave a rating

When you’re finished with your reading, come back and leave a comment below. We’ve made it easy for you to leave a rating (1-5 stars) and you can even write your own review.

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