Featured Deal: Your first call just $1 per minute.

Here’s the deal: Your first reading is just $1 per minute. Plus, you get an additional 3-free minutes.

Featured Deal: Get a FREE Psychic Reading

Here’s the deal: 100% free reading for 1st time customers. 6-minute session by phone or video.

Featured Deal: 15 Minute Reading only $10

Here’s the deal: Call a top rated psychic for just $10 for a full length 15-minute reading by phone or online chat.

Featured Deal: Get a Free Numerology Report

Here’s the deal: You get a Free online account that allows you unlimited free-chat all psychics PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits!

Featured Deal: Free Video Chat PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits

Here’s the deal: You get a Free online account that allows you unlimited free-chat all psychics PLUS bonus 9.99 Free Credits!

Featured Deal: 3 Minutes Free PLUS 10-minutes for just $1.99 for a Psychic Reading

Here’s the deal: Your first 10-minute phone reading is just $1.99. Plus the first 3 minutes are free!

Featured Deal: $10 gets you 13 minutes over the telephone with these exclusive, top rated psychics

Here’s the deal: Get a great phone or chat reading at an amazing introductory rate of just $10 for ten minutes. Plus with the bonus deal, you get 3 more minutes free.

Psychic Reading with 3 Free Minutes plus 50% off

Your first reading is 50% off the regular price. Plus, with 3-free minutes with each psychic, you can try a couple until you find the best fit for your reading.

Featured Deal: Phone Readings for just 19-cents per minute!

Here’s the deal: Psychics available by phone for just $0.19 per minute, or by online chat with the first 4 minutes free.

$1 per minute Telephone Psychic Readings

Here’s the deal: Call TalkPsychic experts for just $1/min (regularly $4.99 – $15.00 per minute.) Read our review of TalkPsychic.com!

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