The two most common types of intuitive readings are Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings. Which is best?

Have you ever looked through the list of available readers, wondering who you should choose to ask that important question? Does it matter what type of reader, you choose? It might, depending on your needs. Here I will compare the top 2 types of intuitive readings: Psychics and Tarot Readers.

Psychic vs Tarot

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that these are by any means the only two types of readers to choose from. However, my experience with calling psychic lines is that most of them divide their readers into these two categories. Some include Astrology, but we’ll leave that discussion for another time. So for the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on the various benefits of choosing either a Psychic or a Tarot reading for your next call or video chat. And I promise to go more in detail about Astrologers, Mediums, and more in future articles.

Are They Really Different?

When it comes to Psychic vs Tarot, is there really any difference? Yes, and kinda not really. In some ways, there are absolutely cross-overs, with many experts describing themselves as “Psychic Tarot Masters” or “Tarot Expert with Psychic abilities” or other types of hybrid titles. And there’s a good reason… the term “psychic” is often used to describe anyone who provides any type of intuitive reading. This is sort of the commercialization of the word as it makes the advertising easier. However, there really are some differences between the two.

Do Titles Mean Anything?

First of all, being a “tarot reader” is something that can be substantiated… it means the reader knows how to read tarot cards and interpret them for you. Using the title of tarot reader implies a level of knowledge and skill. There is a lot to learn if you want to be a Tarot Reader, and it isn’t easy. But I think someone who is a really good tarot reader is something more than that… they also are able to tap into their psychic abilities. Someone who only knows the interpretation of the cards will end up sounding like they are reading from a textbook. But a Tarot Reader is someone who can take the messages from the cards and combine that with their own intuitive abilities.

The title “psychic” is a little more difficult to pin down. Sure, you can do some tests, but most intuitives don’t really work that way. Someone who uses the term psychic to describe their readings is someone who is able to make a strong intuitive connection to you, and provide you with guidance using their abilities. From that point, things really vary from reader to reader, depending on how their abilities work. It can be a little more difficult to substantiate what makes a qualified psychic, which is why I prefer to use psychic services that do all that for me!

How the Reading is Structured

Perhaps the biggest aspect of the Psychic vs Tarot argument is how the reading is structured. In other words, what process does the expert use to provide you with the advice you are seeking? I find most tarot readings have a much more predictable structure to them. Even though there are hundreds if not thousands of different ways the expert can layout the reading, and even more different types of cards they can use, the whole process still feels like there are steps being taken by the reader. As they progress from one step to the next, more and more information flows, bringing you to where you’ve asked to go.

With psychic readings, the process often varies much more. Some readers are receiving and interpreting messages from angels or guides, while others might immediately tune into your situation, getting right to the heart of the question most on your mind. Sometimes the process takes longer, with the psychic reviewing your past and then your present situations, finally revealing what they see for your future.

Strengths of the Tarot

The structure of a tarot reading is sometimes the reason it might be the best choice. One big benefit is the ability for most tarot experts to provide timeline readings. I love getting dates of predicted events. When a tarot reader gives me a timeline, I always write it down in my reading journal. It’s really fun to find out how many predictions come true… and when they do, I go back through my journal and make sure to call that reader again!

Another great feature of tarot readings is the wide variety of different layouts, which is the order and pattern the reader puts down the cards. Often a reader will tailor the reading by using a layout that is specific to your area of concern, so make sure to let them know if you have a specific question. A layout for a reading about compatibility with a romantic partner will look completely different from the one used for a reading about your finances.

Variety of the Psychic

And while there is a wide variety of the types of readings available from tarot experts, I think that the category of “psychic” covers an even broader range of reading types. After all, most commercial psychic services use the term psychic to describe almost all intuitive abilities. Your psychic could possess several of hundreds of different types of abilities.

They might be able to connect through hearing the vibrations in your voice or see visual images of your life as if they were right there with you. They might receive messages from spirit guides, or they might be able to communicate with people who have crossed over. They might be able to locate lost items or tell you the best color shirt to wear if you want someone new to notice you. When it comes to choosing a psychic, sometimes it is best to read through their profiles and decide who has the skills and abilities that best suit your needs.

So Which is better? A Psychic Reading or a Tarot Reading?

Personally? I like them both! Sometimes I really need the steady and predictable process provided by a Tarot Expert so I can get some specific questions answered. And sometimes I’m looking for something different, or just want to know what a psychic sees for my future. I have a dozen or so readers of each type that have become my favorites over the years. Often I’ll consult two or three on the same topic because it can help to get multiple points of view. When they all say the same thing, I really know its time to pay attention!

I hope you’ll leave your comments below, and let me know your thoughts. What do you like best, Psychic or Tarot readings and why?

Alice had her first reading when she was 12 years old from a tarot reader at the school carnival. That first reading led to a lifelong obsession with the occult. Over the years, Alice has received thousands of readings from psychics of all types and from all corners of the world. Today Alice keeps busy operating her own bakery full-time, caring for her two basset hounds, and going on epic trips around the world. Whenever she has time, Alice tries new psychics and shares her experiences with us on