We tested the readers on TalkPsychic. Here are the results.

TalkPsychic is probably one of the best, yet least known, psychic services in business today. Sort of a “boutique” service, TalkPsychic caters to clients who want upscale psychic readings by phone. They have a very select group of advisors available, ensuring that whoever you speak to is a top-notch advisor.

The truth is, TalkPsychic has long been one of the go-to websites to get phone readings for many of us here at PsychicDeal. We each have our favorite experts and rely on the top-quality readers that work with this service. This review is a team effort with each member of the PsychicDeal staff contributing to the overall rating. We’ll each post individual reviews of our favorite psychics in future updates!

“We test them so you don’t have to!”  We tested the psychics, astrologers, mediums and tarot experts on TalkPsychic. This article will tell you the best readers to choose, how to get the best deals, what we like and what we don’t like.

About TalkPsychic

TalkPsychic is a network that has been around for a long time. Started in 1996 by Master Psychic Lori as a multi-branded telephone psychic network using 1-900 numbers, TalkPsychic has evolved over the years. They’ve integrated a live-updated website directory of their readers, and upfront pricing on readings that help you save money. And while other psychic companies have chased the latest technologies, TalkPsychic has kept things simple by maintaining a telephone only psychic service. And after all these years, the company is still owned and operated by the founder.

The Best Deals at TalkPsychic

TalkPsychic offers deals on telephone readings for new customers as well as existing ones. If you’ve never called their service, you can take advantage of their new customer promotion. Get your first call for just $1 per minute. A 10-minute reading for just $10 can give you answers to your question about love, career, or whatever. If you want a longer reading, make sure to order one of their pre-paid packages and save. Existing customers can call back anytime and pay the per-minute rate for the psychics. While not the highest rates we’ve paid for psychic readings, you’ll want to buy one of their packages through the website before calling. For example, you can save $29.20 on a 25-minute reading. You might also want to check out their Monthly Subscription, where you get a 20-minute reading every month. Also, make sure to subscribe with your email address to receive occasional special offers and coupons for readings. Plus you get a free daily horoscope! It’s all on their website.

How we Tested TalkPsychic

Everyone on the PsychicDeal team has called and received readings from the psychics on TalkPsychic. A few of us have been customers for years, calling our favorite psychics for full readings or just quick questions. Others have just recently opened new accounts to get some test readings. Overall, we estimate that over the past decade, we’ve received a combined total of at least 500 readings from the experts on TalkPsychic.

When we get readings the psychics don’t know we’re doing any sort of review or test. We’re connected to them through the same process as any other customer on the line. Of course once in awhile a psychic seems to pick up on the fact that we’re not just the average customer. They might even mention that they have a sense that we’re testing them. No matter, we end up getting a reading that enables us to make a great review of the individual psychic, their ability to make a connection, and the overall value of their reading.

Here’s what we like about TalkPsychic:

  • Simple. It doesn’t get much simpler than dialing a toll-free number and being connected to a psychic.
  • Great Psychics. The readers on TalkPsychic are really some of the best we’ve spoken with, anywhere. They are a unique group of individuals who are really devoted to their crafts. They represent the absolute best in their fields, and they all are proud to be part of an amazing team.
  • Variety. They have a lot of different types of readers too, so make sure to take some time reviewing the in-depth profiles if you want something special. Looking for a medium to connect with a lost loved one? They have some really amazing mediums. If you need to find lost items, connect with a pet or get advice about your love life, you’ll find a specialist that can accomplish what you need.
  • Quality. Since each advisor is tested and hand-picked by the owner and founder, Master Psychic Lori, we always feel confident that the reader on the other end of the call will be amazing. Plus, each call is covered by their very reasonable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Consistent. We’ve had pretty consistent quality results. With TalkPsychic, it is easy to immediately connect with a psychic who has your best interests at heart and will provide you with an amazing experience, time and time again.

What we don’t like.

  • Full Price Readings. The absolute best psychics don’t come cheap. While the prices on TalkPsychic aren’t the highest we’ve seen on some psychic services, it can get pretty expensive if you spend too much time on a full-rate per minute call, so take advantage of those deals!
  • Availability. We find that there some readers who have very regular hours, but many who seem to be on very little. It makes it difficult if you want to connect to a psychic who isn’t online much.
  • Connection Problems. It doesn’t happen often, but we do once in awhile experience a problem with the phone connection. However, we find that if we just hang-up and call back, the problem goes away. We’ll contact customer service if we feel like we lost any of our reading minutes, and they’ll credit the account.

How TalkPsychic Selects their Experts

The hiring process to become a psychic on TalkPsychic is pretty extensive. We’re told they receive hundreds of applications every month from all sorts of intuitive readers. They have a team of psychic recruiters who sort through those applications and contact those who pass their stringent minimum requirements for consideration. After a series of interviews and test readings, the recruiting team makes a decision. If they feel the psychic would make a great addition to the service, the expert is given a trial run.

During the psychic’s first week, they will mostly receive calls from some of the regular clients who get to try out the new readers in exchange for their reviews. Plus, there will be one very important call during those first couple days.. the founder and owner, Lori, calls every psychic for a reading. She makes the final decision, and if a psychic meets her level of standards for providing insightful, compassionate and dynamic readings, they have a job for life!

Selecting a Psychic for your Reading

TalkPsychic has made this process really easy. You have a few options for choosing the expert for your reader:

  • Call the toll-free number, and choose option 2 from the main menu. The system will immediately connect you to one of the experts on TalkPsychic. A great option for when you just need to talk to a psychic, fast.
  • If you know the psychic you want to speak with, you can choose option 1 from the main menu when you call in. You’ll then be prompted for the expert’s extension number. Simply enter the 5-digit code (found on the website) and the system will connect you to that psychic.
  • If you aren’t sure who to call, you can either check their website and read the profiles of all the available experts. OR, a neat option TalkPsychic offers is listening to the messages of psychics who are available. Just press 4 from the main menu when you call, and the system will play a short recording for each of the available psychics. When you hear one you like, press a button and immediately you’re connected to that psychic!

Our Favorite Psychics

There are so many great psychics on this service that we had a hard time narrowing it down. We decided on these top 5 favorites, but this is just the beginning. We promise to go more in-depth on our readings with each of these experts, as well as many others on TalkPsychic, in future posts.



We found Rena’s readings to be sincere, honest and quite blunt! Our calls to Rena were filled with true down-to-earth southern goodness! Don’t call Rena expecting to hear everything you want, tied up with flowers and a bow. Our readings with Rena were more truthful, filled with information we needed to hear, even if we didn’t always want to. But if you let her, Rena will lead you along a path to a positive outcome. At the end of the journey, you’ll be far better off than when you began!


When you call Daniel there is an immediate sense that you’re working with a truly nice guy. All of our readings with him have been positive and empowering. He has a way of making even the darkest of situations something you can overcome. Daniel showed us the strength we have within ourselves to make positive changes and achieve great results. We found his readings to be insightful, encouraging and eye-opening.



Sunshine is a real pleasure to speak with. At first, she seems somewhat aloof or even confused. Some of us started off with an “uh-oh” feeling that this psychic wasn’t going to be able to connect. Suddenly the reading always seems to transform, and we realize that not only has Sunny made that psychic connection to us, she’s sharing spot-on details. She gets to the heart of the matter most pressing on our minds, and by the time the reading is over, we’re left with a positive new outlook on life.


She hasn’t been active on the site for awhile, but we’ll patiently wait for the return of this terrific reader. Penni is old-school… her readings are full of insight and she gets right to the answer of your question. She’s amazingly accurate, sometimes scarily so! When the reading is over, you always have a feeling of accomplishment. Penni is clearly a customer favorite because when she is online, she’s usually busy. We love Penni, and can’t wait for her return to TalkPsychic!



Amazingly, the founder and owner of TalkPsychic still logs on the network to take client calls! A true leader, Lori sets the bar for high-quality readings delivered with compassion and understanding. A reading with Lori is a real treat, providing a point of view that is both positive and realistic. Many who are fortunate enough to have read with Lori describe the experience as “life-changing,” and we have to agree!

Secret Tip: Lori isn’t online often, but we’ve been lucky enough to find her sometimes in the early-morning hours.

Pricing Information

There are three levels of psychics with three corresponding per-minute rates. Trusted Psychics cost $4.99 per minute, Master Psychics cost $8.99 per minute and Elite Psychics cost $13.00 per minute. However, you can save a ton of money by purchasing one of the packages on their website before you call a psychic. The offers tend to change so read through and find one that fits your needs best.

Plus don’t forget, as a new customer you can call any of the psychics at any of the levels for just $1 per minute on your first call.

Connecting With the Psychics

TalkPsychic has just one way to connect with their experts – by telephone. If you’re looking for other options, like email or text chat or video readings, this isn’t the service for you.

Guarantees and Refunds

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee image is right at the top of the TalkPsychic website, but you have to click on the About Us link to find the details. Basically, if you are not satisfied with a reading, contact their customer support within 24 hours, and they’ll credit you with up to 10 Free minutes. Our advice: Make sure you feel a connection to a psychic within the first 10 minutes. If not, politely end the call and hang up, then contact customer service. They are pretty quick to respond, and you’ll be able to call a different reader.

Conclusion: TalkPsychic is a Top Deal

We rate TalkPsychic as a Top Deal. We highly recommend this service for anyone looking for trusted, accurate psychic advice.

  • The Quality of Psychics: We gave them 5 stars for this. The professional team of Lightworkers that Master Psychic Lori has assembled over the years (decades!) is what really makes the TalkPsychic service stand above so many others.
  • Ease of Use: We also rated this with a full 5 stars. When you just want a psychic reading by phone, this no-frills service allows you to immediately connect to a psychic.
  • Deals Available: We rated TalkPsychic 4.5 stars for this because if you don’t use their pre-purchase packages, the prices can get pretty steep. Stick to the deals they have and avoid full price if you can.
  • The Variety of Available Psychics: We dinged them half a star on this because while they have a wide variety of psychics who work on the site, there are lots of times where there are very few available.
  • Overall Value of Readings: We rate TalkPsychic a 5 for overall value. We had amazing readings with so many psychics and always felt like we got more than our money’s worth.

What do you think? Leave a Review and Comments about TalkPsychic

Have you received a reading from the experts at TalkPsychic? Leave your comments below. Feel free to leave your rating, and include the psychics who read for you.